colorful conversation


They speak from their hearts and honor each other’s differences. Sometimes they see eye to eye and sometimes they don’t. They are a part of each other’s life and they are separate from each other too.  When conflict arises, they know it is part of their growth to work through it and return to a place of balance with each other.

This is the conversation they have always wanted .


4 thoughts on “THE CONVERSATION

  1. Oh Sue..what a mezmorizing dance that’s going on…between you and your doodles…and your doodles with themselves! I see a merging….yet separateness…unity and rhythm; the perfect partnership… just like you describe!

  2. Hey! Sounds like a Doreen/John doodle! – just where I want to be 🙂 Love it… Doodling to a higher vibe… That’s you.

  3. Doodling taken to a higher level of awareness and consciousness. That’s nice. I do like it when your doodles make a statement. Doodling is becoming such a popular art. I see people here doing it with a fine tipped pen and a lot of patience. I must get into it, but I like to do so many things.

  4. This one is truly lovely. I really like all the eyes, it seems so aware and observant. Also the hearts, the whole rhythm of the line swings you back and forth between the two parts of the conversation. Very intriguing doodle, Sue.

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