My Kid Loves All The Colors


All the Colors – © Sue O’Kieffe 2009

It’s only in innocence you find any kind of magic, any kind of courage. ~Sean Penn

When days are long and all linear thought has disappeared from my brain, I am grateful for the comfort and calm of doodling. I love the sound and feel of my Sharpie scratching against Canson sketch paper.  My time with my sketchbook is a late night visit with my BFF.

And then I get to play with colors. Oh my. I love the choosing and then watching the interplay of my choices. I know it is basic color wheel theory, but I still love the magic… as well as the soft feel of prismacolors spreading like butter on toast.


All The Colors at Night – © Sue O’Kieffe 2009

Using the digital alchemy of Photoshop, I can turn my colored doodles into scratchboard with just one click. Remember doing that in kindergarten…laying down color on paper, covering  it with ink, and scratching out hidden colors underneath?

My doodling is pure expressive therapy. My thanks goes out to all you graphic designers  who have turned doodling into a respected art form. I groove on the joy.

How do you express yourself that puts you back in touch with your inner child?

9 thoughts on “My Kid Loves All The Colors

  1. I DO remember the black ink over color technique in grade school. We used colored crayons and then covered the colors with a black crayon and sketched out a design. In fact, when I first saw your mandala, that is what I thought you had done. I’m thinking I might try that a Mandala.

    The top mandala is so joyful with all the colors!

  2. It was my turn to host our monthly girls-creative-night-out meeting last night and I told them they had to pretend they were 3 and a half years old and play! We made a bunch of background papers with all kinds of tools.. always ready to call on the inner child to create!
    Love your doodle.. I personally thing YOU have brought the doodle back to an art form!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Sue

    I have been a silent admirer of your art for sometime and in appreciation of the beauty of all you create, I have given you an award.

  4. Hi Sue,
    I enjoy seeing your new doodles. They’re so vibrant and full of color!
    My favorite book as a child was “The Color Kittens” by Margaret Wise Brown. I was fascinated that they could mix new colors with their paint. So, when I mix colors, whether it’s in polymer clay, in paint, or matching up beads or yarns for a new project, I feel like my beloved color kittens and it definitely brings out the kid in me.

  5. Love this one too. Just found you via another blog somewhere. I have just rediscovered marker pens. I had been using pencils or paint all the time and used my daughters tiny markers and had such fun!

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