Illustration Friday: Intricate



I had hoped to have more of my alphabet posted during the month of February when Words was the theme over at Creative Every Day. I found, instead, a need to honor my body and spend some time away from the computer.  Creativity does seem to run in a cycle, and I needed to take heed.  Last night I put the finishing touches on three more letters for the doodled alphabet I am slowly working on.

So, what is H for?

I say it is for heart, head and hand. H also is for hair (the curly kind) and hare (the bunny kind). H is happy and friendly, says  hello and hi, enjoys the sun (helios) and the steady drone of bees in the hive.

I have always wanted to enter a post for Illustration Friday, and I think this H will fit in nicely with this week’s theme of Intricate.

What else do you think  H stands for?


doodling the alphabet one letter at a time

9 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Intricate

  1. H is for hallelujah, which is what I say when it is finally a sunny day after many days of gray skies and rain. I say it even when the temperatures are just above freezing, as long as it’s sunny.

  2. Help
    sometimes we just need to ask for it… even if it’s just in the way of some good energy 🙂
    healing, hope, hurray! another doodle!

    • thanks for coming back and commenting on my blog. if you like to draw, then draw and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. when i was a young girl, i wanted to be an artist. i’m almost 60 now. i bet that sounds ancient to you. don’t wait until youre old like me to do the things you love 🙂

  3. love, love, love your blog….
    My blog is alphabet story. Kinda feel a kinship with you–your art , and your thoughts inspire me! I’d like to promote your blog on my site!……..say yes?

    • Dear Alphabetstory, thanks for your kind words about my doodle. Feel free to link to me if you want. Right now I’m on a doodle hiatus and I’m not exactly sure if or when I’ll be back.


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