Illustration Friday: Intricate



I had hoped to have more of my alphabet posted during the month of February when Words was the theme over at Creative Every Day. I found, instead, a need to honor my body and spend some time away from the computer.  Creativity does seem to run in a cycle, and I needed to take heed.  Last night I put the finishing touches on three more letters for the doodled alphabet I am slowly working on.

So, what is H for?

I say it is for heart, head and hand. H also is for hair (the curly kind) and hare (the bunny kind). H is happy and friendly, says  hello and hi, enjoys the sun (helios) and the steady drone of bees in the hive.

I have always wanted to enter a post for Illustration Friday, and I think this H will fit in nicely with this week’s theme of Intricate.

What else do you think  H stands for?


doodling the alphabet one letter at a time