All Paths Lead to the Heart


Twister – © Sue O’Kieffe 2009

Appreciation significantly turns on the heart. Appreciation is not an emotion that arises spontaneously, but a soul quality we can choose. The more often we choose to be appreciative, the easier this choice becomes and the more frequently our heart opens to give and receive love.

~Charles John Quatro

It’s good to be back  after taking a much needed break from the monitor. I’ve got a lot of plans brewing in the background, I just opened a new store  at Red Bubble.  (WOO-HOO!) I’m also shopping for a new printer with the hopes of finally opening a shop at Etsy. I’ve always used Epson, and am thinking of  going that route again. Do you have any suggestions?


While still in its black and white iteration, this doodle asked to be colored in red, black and gold. Bold, dramatic and elegant…me likes!


And hey, did you see  some of yours truly’s doodle alphabet show-cased on my guru RaShell’s (she blushes when I call her guru) blog at Doodlage? Be sure to take a look at the ABC3D video on that post, too.

Illustration Friday: Intricate



I had hoped to have more of my alphabet posted during the month of February when Words was the theme over at Creative Every Day. I found, instead, a need to honor my body and spend some time away from the computer.  Creativity does seem to run in a cycle, and I needed to take heed.  Last night I put the finishing touches on three more letters for the doodled alphabet I am slowly working on.

So, what is H for?

I say it is for heart, head and hand. H also is for hair (the curly kind) and hare (the bunny kind). H is happy and friendly, says  hello and hi, enjoys the sun (helios) and the steady drone of bees in the hive.

I have always wanted to enter a post for Illustration Friday, and I think this H will fit in nicely with this week’s theme of Intricate.

What else do you think  H stands for?


doodling the alphabet one letter at a time