Balancing Act – © Sue O’Kieffe 2009

Some days are like this. Strong foundation with precarious footing. Ever have one like that?

Right now I am focusing a lot on my doodles. Any day now the next layer of spring will begin to erupt on the North Coast of California,  and I will be out with my camera to capture more beauty for mandala making (you do know about my mandala blog, don’t you? Hope you come visit!)

Healingmagichands made the observation that I use a lot of eyes in my doodles. How many of you out there practiced drawing eyes when you were young…beautiful eyelashes, arched eyebrows, perfect shading? Always striving to capture the soul within? Ya, me too!

I don’t really have much of a story to go with this doodle. I just put down the pen and this is what appeared. It’s a nice way to spend some time before I go to sleep. Who needs pills? Not me!

And with that, I am going in search of my pillow.

Sweet dreams.

6 thoughts on “BALANCING ACT

  1. love this design.. like it is tip-toeing.. dancing..a joyful dance.
    sometimes it’s fun to let go of balance.. rolling over onto one side and then the next.. to see how far you can go until you fall over.. and then laugh 🙂
    (just did this in yoga class)

  2. I love this doodle…just beautiful…
    I did that eye thing as a kid…still do it especially when
    I am on the phone!! LOL…Lots of phone doodles on
    envelopes…pieces of paper…receipts!! LOL…
    There is a great freedom for me in this doodle…

  3. That’s lovely, Sue. Right away I saw an insect, maybe a wasp, proboscus (sp.) at the top, curled tail on the bottom, getting ready to sting. Your doodles are kind of like the Rorshark (sp.) test sometimes.

  4. Awesome doodle!…Looking at it I also see a palm tree with waves of water gracefully swooping up on the right…I actaully was doodling eyes today while talking on the phone.

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