Transitions – © Sue O’Kieffe 2008

I doodled this around the time of Winter Solstice, thinking about seasonal shifts from darkness to light and what might be seen seen from above (way above!) during different seasons of the year. At the heart is change, of course. I love the wildness of winter as much as I love the expectancy that comes with spring.

On my mind right now is what I would like to usher into my life for 2009…not so much New Year’s Resolutions but New Year’s Intentions. 2008 was all about wonder for me. Here I am creating a daily doodling practice where a year ago I would have said I do not draw. Will wonders never cease?!  It’s good to let go of those self-defeating definitions, break out of the box, try out new things.

I have been reading  stories on Christine Kane’s blog, the stories of women who chose a one word intention for the year just ending and what has transpired for them.  Lisa Call’s story about courage was especially inspiring for me.

What about you? Do you have a ritual of setting intentions into place for the coming new year?



  1. Hey Sue,

    Thanks for the mention! Intention has been a huge thing for me. I plan on having a little candle lighting ritual tomorrow evening to honor my 2008 accomplishments and start focusing on my 2009 intentions – expansion and integrity.

    May 2009 be just as you intend it to be!


  2. I’m lovin’ the mandalas that are comin’ out of you girl! I’ve been busy as a happy bee working on my…”intentions” – and doing oodles of collage and journaling right now..I have such a diverse Muse!

    My one-word intention for 2009 is… “Bloom!” -and it’s no surprise…for me, flowers (and trees) are the genuine metaphor for wonder I made so many flower mandalas!

    May 2009 be the best time yet for you.. 🙂 ~cheryl

  3. Beautiful Doodle, Sue!

    You can be very proud of all you have accomplished this year. I so appreciate your wonderful Mandalas and Doodles, which you enhance with your words of sharing and inspiration.

    I am so happy we finally had some sunshine yesterday! Today I will take some time to contemplate just what I want this next year to look like and who I can be to “Make it So!”
    I look forward to another great year of sharing with you!!
    Onward and outward and inward and …? SueZen

  4. Sue, came to this blog from CoachCreativeSpace. I absolutely love your doodles. I doodle a lot. When I was working, I would doodle on order forms waiting for customers to get with it. They even put a picture of one up at a sales meeting. Enbarassed?
    Not really! I want to start doodling again with the purpose of embroidering them or doing an art quilt. Your mandalas are beautiful also. What photo editing software do you use?
    Thanks and Happy New Year and more creating!

  5. I love your doodles, Sue! I remember a while back when you were doing them one day a week. So happy to see how much you’ve freed yourself up here. You are impressive.

    I have had a New Year’s ritual with my husband since 1998. We created a specially painted box together, and every New Year’s Day we pull out last year’s goals, read them out loud and burn them, congratulating each other and also laughing at the “oh wells”, the “maybe next years”. Then we each write out what we intend for this coming year: our greatest wishes for the new year. I love doing this with him, and I also do this for myself. Setting goals works for me.

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