Mehndi is a form of skin decoration drawn with henna that is traditionally applied to brides(and bridegrooms)  in India and South-East Asia before a wedding. It is also used during any ceremony, after the 7th month of pregnancy, after the baby is born, and for family get-togethers.(from wikipedia) For those of you not familiar with mehndi, here is a link that will take you to an amazing gallery of images.

I am fascinated by these traditions and honor those who learn the craft. Over the weekend I had fun playing with the patterns used in henna art. After drawing the mandala, I brought it into Photoshop, played around with inversion adjustments and   gradient fills, as well as making photoshop brushes from the original design.

Manic Monday’s meme for the week is tradition and this is my contribution. Expect so see more Mehndi patterns in the future as well as an offering of the brushes I make .  How about Mehndi Monday, rather than Manic Monday? Hm. Manic Mehndi has a nice ring to it, too!



  1. I had one done on me in Hawaii after seeing a woman walking down the street with one…after that I just had to get it done as a real tattoo!! I love this…
    going to have to give it a try!! Thanks Sue…always a wonderful doodle to look at here!!

  2. Sue,
    I love this one. I am fairly familiar with Mehndi. I worked with an Indian woman who had it done several times while we worked together. I have also seen it in books. What a great idea to use the patterns in a mandala. This particular one is beautiful. combining the hand drawn with the photoshop enhancements works so so well here.

    Love it!


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