New Day Dawning – © Sue O’Kieffe 2008

There sure has been some mighty wild and wooly energy abounding in the cosmos the past few days. Have you felt it? The affect it has had on me has been insomnia. Well, not really insomnia, but no desire to sleep. I just couldn’t stop.

So the other night before I finally settled down at 3 am, I thought my mind was going to explode with all the synapses exploding. Wham. Bam. Zizzle. Pow.


Yesterday, when I finished coloring (ooo rediscovering my prismacolors again…such yummy intense colors) and looked at the image, the message I felt it had for me was a lot of struggle and frustration was falling away to make room for new beginnings and a more expansive outlook. And there is something about this image that suggests to my mind, at least, of floating above it all, detached yet engaged in the process of life.

How does this image speak to you?

5 thoughts on “NEW DAY DAWNING

  1. Wowzers yes … lots of chaos and confusion giving way and the sun is breaking through. It can seem like a crazy world at times and detaching emotionally from all the craziness is indeed a necessity in order to keep them feets on the ground … hope this has released some anxiety for you and you’ll sleep soundly tonight 🙂

  2. A-MAZ-ing, Sue. My firt impression was it was an aerial view of “a new earth”…a peaceful, even more colorful earth. And…thank you for mentioning the energy in the cosmos. I didn’t know what was going on, since I’m naturally a night owl. Over the last few month tho, and espeically last night I’ve not been I end up staying up sometimes all night. My Muse is happy though.. tons of creative expression is pouring through.

    And..I too love the Prismacolors! 🙂

  3. New energy fills me when I view this mandala…
    That the arrows of negativity cannot penetrate…
    they can come at me, but I am protected by the warm light of love…The energy that holds me strong is so intense that it holds me up…supports me…allows me to float and be present in this day that I have awakened to….
    Thank you!

  4. I too have been having trouble sleeping.

    This mandala speaks to me of the gathering of energy from the earth and cosmos and then sending it out powerfully into the cosmos, changed and focused. It carries in its image the way I often feel while I am performing energy healing, the gathering of the energy from above and below and within and then the sending out my hands towards the recipient.

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