Follow the Music – © Sue O’Kieffe 2008

How many of you out there have seen the movie August Rush ? For those of you whose hands are not raised, I heartily recommend renting this dvd. The main theme is about how music connect us all together for those who are willing to listen…melodic psychic vibrations linking you to me and me to you.

While creating this zendala, I was struck by the thought of the music all around, in the air, in the water, beating in the earth, crackling in the fire. Tune your ears to all those sounds we tend to tune out on a day to day basis…water dripping, car horns honking, coins dropping on the floor, paper rustling, keystrokes tapping…such exquisite percussion! Just tune in to that sound and stop thinking of it as annoyance and more like…life.


3 thoughts on “FOLLOW THE MUSIC

  1. airplanes flying… clocks ticking…street sounds of cars and trucks… sweet music of life 🙂
    pop. computer wants my attention…
    great mandala!!

  2. I love your mandala, especially as a former professional musician. The power music has to touch people of all cultures is truly magical.

    On your other statement, I have been working very hard to change my reaction to the noise that surrounds me on a daily basis and to try to view it as the music of life. I have mixed success. The roar of truck traffic on Interstate 44 permeates this entire community, and there are many times when I am walking my dog in what ought to be a peaceful park and I can interpret that as the background “Surf” of music. But most of the time I just find it irritating in the extreme. Just once, when I am working in my beautiful garden, I’d like to experience the song of the birds, the sough of the wind in the trees without the background of semi truck engines, horns, sirens and jake brakes.

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