The Dream – © Sue O’Kieffe 2008

I have perceived different messages in this doodle during the course of its development. I have turned the image upside down and right side up, this way and that, which way is up and which is down? First I saw Rapunzel letting her hair down, then I had a sense of ceremony and was going to call it The Wedding. I went away for Thanksgiving and was coloring this doodle while conversing about Life Dreams with my friend Lorlyn. One thing I noticed was I really did seem to be able to pay better attention to her while I was coloring. I could follow my desire to color my doodle yet stay attentive to my friend…the oft-sought and highly pleasurable Win/Win

So the conversation was about Living the Dream, Nursing our Visions. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by thinking it all has to happen at once. What little steps can you make today to come closer to your vision of how you want to live your life?

I like posting this image on the last day of AEDM. It’s not the end, just the beginning of the next round. What is your Life Dream? How do you want to live it?

8 thoughts on “AEDM 30 – THE DREAM

  1. The image of marriage struck me.. the Kundalini rising along side the chakras.. The energy of fire opposite that..Our Passions 🙂
    Our Dreams!
    From a different aspect.. who represents Rapunzel and who represents the snake?
    I wonder.. when we are engaging that left side of the brain (conversation with your friend), will the right side’s message come up “unfiltered”
    eliminating the critic..?? ok, this is really getting me thinking .. this doodle is pretty intense 🙂

  2. This doodle is very intense, and lush…very seductive…it feel like an awakening…the “snake” on the left side which is also somewhat dragon-like..appears to be annointing the top of the yellow “hair”…granting blessing…yellow represents personal power, destiny energy, and mental thought processes…very interesting

  3. Sue…
    The words that came out of my mouth when the site opened up was OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t even
    begin to explain the powerful hold this mandala has
    on me…and let me say that my last 4 mandalas have been connected circles also….This is just taking
    my breath away…I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Artfully Yours,

  4. I too was struck immediately by the image seeing kundalini energy and chakras. Quite a striking doodle.

    My life dream? I am living it, actually. A very complex blend of living in harmony with nature and my mate, having time enough to grow our food and then cook it ourselves at the same time as making a living. My Right Work is to be a healer, and I am living that dream as well in my massage practice. Every year a grow more as a healer, and add techniques to my repertoire that push the envelope of traditional massage and yet seem to have a profound effect on the healing and energy bodies of my clients.
    I have been using energy techniques for almost 20 years and added crystals to my “tool bag” about 5 years ago.

    I’m a firm believer in finding out what it is you love and are “supposed” to do, and then do it. Money will come, and if you aren’t ever rich at least you are happy and satisfied in a way many “corporate drones” never are.

  5. Wow! this is amazing, colorful… I see an aerial view of the inside of someone’s head..a happy person who has Paradise in their mind. I just love what you do with doodles & mandalas. I love your new blog colors and graphics.

    Re: Visions for 2009 from your other post: ..I officially started Chrismas Eve…weaving my visions and intentions into collaged affirmation pages; my intentions perpetually brewing though. I also participated in a sacred and cermonial “Intention Doll Workshop” on the day of the New Moon. I’m now journaling w/the essence of this incredible , creative Godess doll energy who’s a sacred midwife of my Intentions…one glorious step at a time. “The joy is indeed in the journey.” – that thought keeps me grounded and my path illumined…and blessings abundant. Thank you for your inspiring doodles and writings.

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