E is for Echinacea

as well as for Endings, may they all be happy.

E is in grEEn, bluE, rEd, yEllow, purplE, turquoisE and coppEr.

E is for Eyes, the better to sEE you with!

E is for extra exciting energy

What Else is E for?!

PlEasE sharE with mE!


9 thoughts on “E IS FOR ECHINACEA

  1. E is for emotions which I can’t decide whether I have enough or too many. But I do know for sure your work is beautiful and I love it.


  2. Love the Fun you bring to these doodles:-)
    Purple cone flower is one of the flowers I love to paint, unfortunately I’m allergic to Echinacea.
    Love your doodle, love the colors!

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