BURST OUT – © Sue O’Kieffe 2008

One of the pleasures of Art Every Day Month is that I get to give myself permission to try out new things. I set out creating this design with a desire to experiment with watercolor frisket, and to play more with watercolor crayons and twinkling h2o’s.

What did I learn? Well,  you really do need the right tools (note to self:add that frisket nib and new brushes to art store shopping list). It probably takes experimenting to learn what those tools are. Oh yea, and it’s fun to burst out in new directions.

This kind of reminds me of one of those wall clocks from the 50’s, no doubt inspired by sputnik. (Does anyone else here besides me even remember sputnik?)

What do you see?


Hey, why not come visit my mandala blog, where I continue to explore all things circular!


  1. Your mandalas inspire me to create my own…they are beautiful and I am curious how you do it…I am off to your mandala site to see if you share your ideas! 🙂

    blessings to you this day.

  2. Yes, I remember Sputnik. I even remember Daddy taking us outside to watch it crossing the evening sky as it caught the light of the sun while in orbit.

    It does remind me of a wall clock, well, except for the 16 hours part. Which could be very useful if we could make that happen.

    I am still being inspired by your doodles, thank you.

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