Dancing © Sue O’Kieffe 2008

Mostly I spend too much time sitting in front of a computer creating digital mandalas (see here), and I decided I wanted to find a playground away from the digital realm. I enjoy letting a pen meander on paper without any notion of where it is going and letting the colors choose themselves. Doodling is a soothing way for me to let my mind unwind.

It’s hard to see the glitter I used for embellishment in this scanned image, but when I look at it all I do is smile.

Recently an artist friend suggested to me that I might want to treat these drawings with more respect and find another word to describe them besides doodling. What else would I call them? What would you call them?

I’d love to know.


5 thoughts on “WHY I DOODLE

  1. Hi Sue,
    I call my doodles the imagination pictures, this is because by putting lots of small pictures together in a certain way other pictures can be seen by using your imagination.

  2. I think doodles are extremely important in the creative process. I like the name “doodle” because it’s silly and uncomplicated. Why can’t a doodle remain a doodle? and still be loved.

    I love and respect this doodle.

  3. Oh Sue…I love your Doodles! They make me smile…and I see nothing disrespectful about the word doodles…but what matters is how you feel about it…what it means to you..you could add an adjective in front of it if you wanted..like “Sacred” Doodles?… you could brainstorm a list of words you like and add it to the word… or what word comes to mind when you look at your doodles… No matter what..keep enjoying your creative play! Thanks for sharing your blog…and your mandalas…

    I just LOVE…LOVE…LOVE them…I am a big doodler! (is it a disease?!?!) especially when I am on the phone and have come up with some great inspirations for paintings!! Yours just make me happy…happy..happy…I use whatever is handy…pencil..pen…lined paper..backs of envelopes…even bills!! LOL!!

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